CBD Reboot

What is the best way to do a CBD Reboot?

As CBD consumption elapses over several months, the effects begin to lessen. The goal of this page is to get user feedback as to what works best for them when it comes to CBD reboots.

First of all, what is a CBD reboot? A CBD reboot is any method used to try to restart and refresh ones system for maximum CBD absorption after a tolerance has built up.

CBD Honeymoon, CBD RebootCBD tolerance was most notably recognized in the epilepsy communities, with many of the patients being young children. It is very common for CBD to work wonders for epilepsy, then start to drop off as the tolerance has been built up. This must have been very confusing for most parents. The common reboot method is to abstain from CBD for 24-36 hours. This may work for some, but without proper communication from a young child to a parent, it leaves a lot of guess work.

As an adult that consumes CBD on a regular basis, I can assure you that abstaining from CBD for 24-36 hours is not enough for me to have a successful reboot. I can abstain for a week and I will not have the same profound effects that occurred at the beginning of my regiment.

It is theorized that the CB1 receptors in the brain get clogged up. To imagine this visually, picture CBD as a key that perfectly fits into the CB1 Receptor. When the CB1 receptor is dirty, the keys won’t fit. According to this theory, we need to find a way to clean the CB1 Receptors.

I kindly ask you to leave a comment as to what has worked and what has not worked for you. This information will be used to figure out a proper CBD reboot regiment.  If we work together, then we may be able to find a solution!

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